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Майкл лето 2015 + 13 сезон

Retired Queen (с)


Retired Queen (с)
Шатнер и твиттер это отдельная песня, но вот шикарно же, в честь регистрации Хемсворта, вспомнил папку)

А вот он обнаружил в подписчиках Майкла Уэтерли. (Бонусом малыш Лайам).

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Нужно скачать серию 12.14. Правда мне казалось Тони учился в Род-Айленде, или вот эта там находится? Путаю?
Ок, я не одна в этом.

kristina • 9 days ago
Interesting that they have Tony attending Remington Military Academy when in the earlier seasons it was said that he attended Rhode Island Military Academy, wonder why the sudden change in name, unless he went to a few schools.
Easton • 4 days ago
Thank you for that! I've been scratching my head because I was so sure RIMA was canon but I had begun to question whether or not I had inadvertently mixed it up with ff. They did say RMA was his 7th and final military school so I guess they just threw another in.

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23.07.2014 в 17:38
Пишет Neko NY:

Юлечка, с Днём Рождения тебя!
Любви тебе яркой, впечатлений незабываемых, здоровья крепкого и друзей верных всегда рядом!!!

Тебя хочет поздравить кое-кто еще )))

Дальнейшие приключения Тоника

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Ребята дружно отпраздновали дни рождения Майкла и Рокки.

И еще чудесный Майкл этого лета.

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@M_Weatherly: Stanley Park selfie with wife #danger

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Прекрасный Майкл на the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation’s 5th Annual ‘Actors Fore Actors’ Los Angeles Golf Classic at Lakeside Golf Club.


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Спин-офф для Фритца Говарда

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Exclusive: TNT Developing Planted Major Crimes Spin-Off to Star The Closer Vet Jon Tenney
By Michael Ausiello / May 20 2014, 12:04 PM PDT

TNT could be spinning off the spin-off!

TVLine has learned exclusively that the cable net is developing a planted offshoot of Major Crimes (itself a descendant of The Closer) that would focus on franchise vet Jon Tenney‘s FBI agent character.

Tenney originated the role of Special Agent Fritz Howard on The Closer, and has brought the character over to Crimes on several occasions (sans his onscreen wife, “The Closer’ herself, former MCD boss Brenda Leigh Johnson, played by Kyra Sedgwick).

Tenney, as well as a handful of new characters — including Special Operations Bureau commander Ann McGinnis, described as a modern-day Annie Oakley — will be featured in the seventh episode of Major Crimes‘ upcoming third season (bowing June 9).

There’s also buzz that the potential spin-off could prominently feature another Major Crimes character — Malcolm-Jamal Warner, who debuted mid Season 2 as Lt. Chuck Cooper, a SIS (Special Investigation Section) supervisor who was brought in to help protect Raydor’s ward Rusty from a stalker.

A TNT rep declined to comment.

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NCIS' Michael Weatherly Previews a 'Favorite Episode,' Shares Plan to 'Raise the Bar' for Tony
May 5, 2014 Matt Webb Mitovich

NCIS Season 12 PreviewThis Tuesday at 8/7c, in the penultimate episode of NCIS Season 11, Special Agent Tony DiNozzo is tasked with escorting an admiral’s beautiful daughter from Marseilles, France to the States — a bit of “babysitting” that will not come without (deadly) complications. On the occasion of DiNozzo’s French connection, TVLine invited original cast member Michael Weatherly to survey his alter ego’s latest exploits, reveal how the late Ralph Waite helped him reconnect with his own father and promise viewers “enormous” changes for Tony come Season 12.

TVLINE | It sounds like Tony is going to France this week… by way of Universal Studios.
The key thing about France-in-Hollywood, especially when it comes to our show, is that it’s always the backlot. And sometimes there’s a damsel in distress, and what that often means is that you need to send “the best of the best.” You need to send America’s very own James Bond, Tony DiNozzo. OK, basically it’s a babysitting job – a retrieval job – but the actress that I got to work with for those wonderful days is one of the most talented actors I have worked with in my whole career. Meg Steedle (Boardwalk Empire) is absolutely a joy, and a perfect fit for the specific brand of light comedy that I prefer to traffic in. Meg and I got to have all kinds of fun, in a Charade-style, “Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn on the run” sort of way. It was a very funny and light, with some nice twists. It’s my favorite episode in a long time, one where I actually got to do some other things. I think the audience will really like it.

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Хорошее интервью Марка Хармона у Ларри Кинга, люблю когда он смеется.
Самый остроумный на площадке - Уэтерли. Самый большой шутник - Эмили Уикершем. Надо же.

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@M_Weatherly: Awww. Happy Easter… And check out this Easter egg! t.co/XGK5uRhD7C

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факты об актерах

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"NCIS" star Pauley Perrette, 42, shares the 10 things you may not know about her with Yahoo! TV.

1. I'm obsessed with the color green and the number 3.
2. I avoid making left hand turns because I'm an extremely safe driver.
3. I love thrift stores and doing laundry.
4. I work with and support over 30 charities.
5. I went to college for sociology, psychology & criminal science.
6. I'm a rock singer and songwriter. I started off singing in church.
7. I am a natural blonde and from Native American descent with some other stuff mixed in
8. I am a kick boxer, but I've also been a competitive swimmer, runner, gymnast, tennis and soccer player.
9. I rarely sleep.
10. I love cops, firefighters, and first responders.

"NCIS" star Michael Weatherly, 43, shares the 10 things you may not know about him with Yahoo! TV.

1. I won't skydive. It seems silly.
2. One of my dad's college roommates was Donald Rumsfeld. They call him 'Rummy.
3. My grandmother and grandfather lived to be over 100, so I plan on sticking around a long time.
4. Favorite actor I've ever worked with? Liam Neeson [in 'Gun Shy']. Smart, funny, gracious, humble. I've got a long way to go.
5. I once played a superhero in a movie with Rob Lowe called 'The Specials.' My superhero name was Verdict. Bet you didn't know that.
6. I spent nine years in an all-boys school wearing a coat and tie every day. Clearly, it affected me.
7. I ate donuts in Johnny Depp's kitchen in 1995. He doesn't know about it. I also played one of his guitars. Ssshhhhhh!
8. People ask: Stones or Beatles? I say The Kinks. They were the first concert I ever saw and still the best to this day.
9. I, @M_Weatherly follow @SarahKSilverman on Twitter. She doesn't follow me.
10. My brother teaches English in China. Clearly, he's on the run.

"NCIS" star Cote de Pablo, 32, shares the 10 things you may not know about her with Yahoo! TV.

1. I love cuddling. I'm a creature that needs physical contact.
2. I love going to sleep early. I'm not a nocturnal human being.
3. I love going to work and knowing that people take pride in trying to scare me by putting a fake bug in my desk, my chair, or my pockets.
4. I love meeting people that feel passion. It's contagious.
5. I love not having to wear makeup and do my hair.
6. I love spending time with family.
7. I love the beach and wearing comfortable, beachy clothing.
8. I love traveling.
9. I love not having to small talk.
10. I love playing canasta with family or friends for hours.

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"I love working with Michael. We have great chemistry and are great friends. As much as he makes me laugh on the set, I make him laugh in real life. I was almost responsible for his death a couple of months ago. He was having some grapefruit thing and I was making fun of the fact that he was dipping his eggs in coffee, which he does all the time. It spun into contagious laughter, he started coughing and literally ran outside to throw up. He was screaming, “Stop!” And I was like “I will destroy you with laughs!"
— Cote de Pablo

“When I first met Michael at my audition, I thought he was a cheeseball. Halfway through, he broke character to say how pretty I was. I didn’t know what he was trying to do. Sabotage my audition? Afterward, he offered to drive me back to my hotel & by the time we got there he had charmed me. I realized he really WAS being in character. Michael lets his guard down a lot, which is sexy to me. His favorite thing is to stay home, cook & watch sports or a movie. He likes to drink wine, play backgammon, have people over. His place is a sophisticated mess. There’s lots of wood & beautiful colored rugs & walls. Then you poke around & find his 60’s posters - Bond girls in bikinis & Antonioni films. Michael is a real McQueen freak, a real guy. He’s very tall but not lanky. He’s solid. He’s a tree. One day whoever he falls in love with will feel she can rest her head on that big chest.”
— Cote de Pablo about Michael Weatherly (TV Guide - June 2005)

“Michael is fantastic. We joke around all the time. We’re great friends. I love him. We have this love-hate relationship. We can get mad at each other but we always discuss it. We don’t stay mad. We’re like an old married couple. We talk about everything, the same things you’d talk about with a girlfriend—he’s like my girlfriend, only he’s a man, and a gorgeous man. We do a lot of dinners together where we talk about life over a glass of wine.”
— Cote de Pablo

“I would love for you to be a fly on the wall. It’s the most fun you’ll ever see. We’re laughing and hitting, pushing and shoving each other. We have so much fun and the chemistry is real. We almost don’t have to work on it, because it’s there. Certain things can’t be created, no matter how great an actor you are, so it’s great.”
— Cote de Pablo (on working with the cast of NCIS)

"They’re able to see the pain in each other and read each other really well. There’s a lost child who finds all the things that she looks for in a father, somebody who cares but is still stern and powerful and commands attention."
— Cote de Pablo (on Gibbs)

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И вот еще старенькое, верхняя 1.06 и нижняя 1.05.

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Какие милаши! Сезон 11!

Retired Queen (с)

Retired Queen (с)

Q: Ziva’s exit was emotional. What was that like to play?

Michael: For me as an actor, you know, when I played those scenes with..Cote, and..
I think DiNozzo is watching her make a choice that he can’t make..you know, and that’s one of the reasons it’s so resonant and emotional to me. It’s that you’re watching somebody be braver, in a way, than you are.

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22.01.2014 в 00:20
Пишет angel_of_darkness:

Сару Сильверман посетил Иисус
Это ролик феминистской тематики против запретов на аборты и вообще вмешательство политиков в лечение женщин. Но Иисусе...
(Осторожно, есть картинки с медицинским изображением половых органов!)

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:lol: ОМГ

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20.01.2014 в 21:06
Пишет angel_of_darkness:

CBS - America’s Most Watched Network - 2014

гифки из видео

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В честь выхода Intelligence

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Майкл на People's Choice Awards

Retired Queen (с)

В этом году он, а не Полли презентовал. Бойана все же красавица. Или она Божана? Как это читается?
И о, костюм Том Форд? Отличный выбор.

@M_Weatherly: Travelling to the #PCA2014 Wearing some Tom Ford and feeling like a British Banker. Wanker. Banker. pic.twitter.com/0SprFh1CmS


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